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5kWh Libbi Home Battery

£5416.67* No VAT

Power up your home energy storage system with the Myenergi Libbi Battery Storage. This innovative storage solution combines the latest lithium-ion technology and advanced software algorithms to provide a reliable, long-lasting power source for residential solar energy systems. Enjoy increased efficiency, seamless integration and cost savings at every stage of your energy cycle with the Libbi Battery Storage.

With its intelligent monitoring capabilities, you can rest assured that your home will always be powered by clean, renewable energy – day or night.

Make the switch today and experience the benefits of Myenergi Libbi Battery Storage.


  • The nominal capacity is 5.12 kWh
  • 6 kWh of usable capacity
  • DoD (depth of discharge): 90%
  • Grade IP65 protection
  • Ten-year warranty

Package Includes

1 x 5kW Myenergi Libbi Inverter
1 x 5kWh Libbi Home Battery
1 x Myenergi Controller

Technical Details

  • A maximum power of 5kW is possible depending on the inverter
  • Efficiency round-trip: 94%
  • Voltage range: 44.8 – 56.5V
  • Inverters can provide up to 100A of charge/discharge current
  • The cycle life is 10,000 cycles
  • The dimensions of the device are 540 x 500 x 240 mm

Get your Myenergi Libbi Battery Storage today and start harnessing the power of renewable energy. With its advanced lithium-ion technology and smart software algorithms, this innovative storage solution will help you reduce costs and increase efficiency throughout your energy cycle.

Don’t miss out – purchase your Myenergi Libbi Battery Storage now and enjoy all its fantastic features.

*Price based on 5kWh Battery Storage

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