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Step into a Greener Future with Solar Panels Norfolk, Suffolk & Cambridge.

With solar panels installed, you can reduce your energy bills by up to 50% and significantly reduce your carbon footprint. We offer customers an unbeatable deal – 0% VAT on solar panel installations for a limited time.

Our team of local solar panel installers in Norfolk, Suffolk & Cambridge will customise and install a solar system that meets your unique needs, including solar PV panels, ensuring efficient and quick solar panel installation. Switch to solar power with minimal fuss and start saving money today. With our team of local solar panel installers, you can rest easy knowing you’ve got experienced professionals at your service.

Ready to leap into a sustainable and cost-effective lifestyle with solar panels? Contact us today for a FREE consultation on installing solar panels for the roof of your home or business in Norfolk, Suffolk & Cambridge. Embrace the power of the sun and start saving now!

Guide to Solar Panels & Battery Storage

How is solar power used?

Solar panels produce Direct Current (DC) electricity.  As most properties use Alternating Current (AC), we install an inverter to convert DC to AC.

Unless Battery Storage is fitted, the solar energy produced must be used immediately.  Therefore, when the panels are producing more electricity than can be used, the excess energy is exported to the national grid.  This is where the Feed-in Tariff (FIT, which ceased in 2019) or Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) credit is obtained, as your energy provider will repay you for this power.

What happens to surplus energy?

You can use surplus energy to heat your water via an energy diverter, or to charge your electric vehicle via an appropriate car charger. Additionally, installing battery storage to your system will allow you to collect the surplus extra energy to use as and when required. Please contact the Aspecte team on 01953 660550 if you would like to find out more.

How much energy is generated by solar PV panels?

A typical domestic solar panel can produce anywhere between 250-425 watts of electricity. Most UK solar panel systems operate on a system of 8-12 panels. A solar system like this can produce between 2,450 – 3,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) per year, depending on location and how the panels are set up. Please be aware the specific figures for your solar panels will be available in your handover document after your installation.

What is an optimiser?

An optimiser is used on an installation when any panels maybe affected by shading, causing the panel to not operate as efficiently, and affect the rest of the panels on that same string. Alternatively due to the orientation of a solar array, we may advise the installation of optimisers.  This ensures your system is generating power despite some of the panels being shaded, so if for a part of the day a panel is in the shade due to a tree covering the panel, only the one panel will not work, however if you didn’t have optimisers all the panels will be affected.

How much energy is needed to power my home?

A typical 3-bedroom home will use between 3500 and 4500 kilowatt hours (kWh) per year.

Typically, household appliances consume power as set out below:

Washing Machines: 255 kWh per year

LCD TV: 175 kWh per year

Dishwashers: 657 kWh per year

Kettles: 164 kWh per year

Toasters: 109 kWh per year

Hairdryers: 182 kWh per year

Computer Screen:  300 kWh per year

Fridge Freeze: 408kWh per year

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Start your journey to sustainable living. Whether you’re a business or looking to install a home EV charger, solar panel system or install solar panels. The future is here.

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Integrating solar panels with a home battery storage solution

You can store any excess electricity and heat generated by the sun by combining renewable energy from the sunlight and your solar panels with electricity from a battery storage solution, such as the Sonnen Battery. Using solar panels and battery storage together gives you greater control over your solar energy and heat usage, allowing you to use the heat from the sun and your solar thermal panels for cleaner, cheaper energy when the sun has set.

A Nissan Leaf on charge at home using a green charging lead.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Driving an electric car charged with electricity from your solar panels is a very efficient, cost effective solution more-effective and emissions-free way to get around. Many EV owners consider purchasing a complete solar panel system as pre-buying fuel for the next few years. By generating electricity, you will save money and generate electricity that can quickly repay the cost of the solar panel and thermal system.

Why choose Aspecte?

At Aspecte, we understand that installing solar renewable energy solutions are an investment. Therefore, we are committed to providing you with high-quality services all the information you need to make an informed and efficient choice about installing your EV ChargingSolar Panels, or Battery Storage solution.

  • Sound advice on the best installation solution for your property
  • Quality installations from fully qualified and trained local solar panel installers
  • Industry certified
  • Transparent costs with no hidden extras
  • Insurance-backed installation warranty
  • Maintenance services available

Choose from among the best in solar panel installation companies for your renewable energy needs. We serve Norfolk, Suffolk & Cambridge, ensuring you can access top-notch solar solutions anywhere in the region.

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Ms Morgan

We had 14 solar panels, plus inverter, batteries & immersion heater controller fitted installed by Aspect in December 2022. During the quotation process they worked with us to explain our options and produced a number of different calculations. The installation was completed quickly and we found them to be considerate, polite and respectful of our property, for example checking cable runs before installing where needed. After the installation they were very accommodating answering our questions, monitoring our installation and ensuring we were happy. We would recommend them to you.

**(Based on standard installs, with a spare way in the fuse board and installed within 10m from fuse board)

In the unlikely event of a dispute arising around the installation of a small-scale renewable energy system that cannot be resolved through Aspecte’s complaint handling procedure, disputes can be escalated to RECC for mediation. Please visit the following RECC webpage: www.recc.org.uk/consumers/how-to-complain 

*NB – Where a dispute relates to MCS installation safety standards, such as solar panel installations such as Solar Panels or Battery Storage Systems RECC cannot handle the dispute until the MCS Certification Body (NIC EIC) has concluded their investigations.

Please contact our MCS Certificating Body, NIC EIC in the event of disputes https://www.niceic.com/

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