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Commercial Solar Panels

Harness the Power of the Sun with our efficient and sustainable solar panel installations for your business or commercial property. Serving Norfolk, Suffolk & Cambridge, Aspecte is your trusted partner for commercial solar panel installation and commercial PV installations. As one of the leading solar panel companies in Norfolk, Suffolk & Cambridge, we offer 0% VAT on solar panel installation for a limited time. For those in the Cambridgeshire area, we also offer the latest Tesla Powerwall Cambridgeshire technology, seamlessly integrating with your solar system.

We collaborate with well-established companies, local authorities, and small to medium-sized businesses across all industry sectors. Our speciality lies in commercial solar panels in the UK, providing a complete design, installation, and maintenance service for solar PV for commercial buildings. Partnering with us means aligning with one of the top solar panel companies in Norfolk, Suffolk & Cambridge, delivering a commercial solar solution customised to fit the unique needs of your business.

Solar panels for commercial buildings deliver exceptionally high returns, making this technology one of the most popular sustainable solutions. Thousands of UK businesses have already adopted solar installations to power their operations, and many of them have chosen us, one of the most reliable solar panel companies in Norfolk, Suffolk & Cambridge, to guide them through the process.

Choose from various bespoke packages, or if you have a particular product in mind, we will do our utmost to accommodate you.

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Mr Heywood

I have used Aspect for a number of years for roofing because of their professionalism and their quality. I am please to say this is also the case for the solar division as well.

From the start I had confidence that I would have a service which delivered what I needed and to a price which was good value for money. The initial survey was carried out efficiently and I received a report which was clear allowing me to make a quick and easy decision. The installation was pain free and had all the necessary safety and quality checks that you would expect. The system has been working well and as a result of managing to get the installation in for the summer combined with my change in tariff in 7 months I have already recovered nearly 25% of the installation cost.

Whilst there will be suppliers who are cheaper as far as I am concerned you will struggle to get ones who deliver better value and who are willing to stand by both the hardware and the installation.

Why Choose Aspecte for Your Solar Needs?

  • Financial Benefits: Significant financial and environmental benefits await businesses that invest in commercial solar panels. With energy prices on the rise and the cost of solar installation decreasing, commercial solar panel systems can provide electricity to businesses for more than 25 years, offering financial returns of up to 20% per annum and paying back their installation costs within roughly 5 years.
  • Lower Carbon Footprint: A typical 250kWp solar PV system will offset approximately 64 tonnes of CO2, equivalent to about 155,000 miles driven in a petrol car.
  • Flexible Installation Options: We cater to your specific needs and premises, whether you prefer on-roof solar PV systems or ground-mounted solar arrays.

Integration with Battery Storage

Capitalise on your energy savings by integrating your commercial solar panel system with solar power and battery storage for business premises. Store and use your commercial solar PV installation’s electricity instead of exporting it back to the grid, leading to significant savings. Whether you need residential or commercial solar battery installation, our team has the expertise and products to fit your needs. With our experience as one of Norfolk, Suffolk & Cambridge’s top solar panel companies, we can offer unique and tailored solutions.

EV Charging Solutions

EV Charging Solutions Charge your commercial electric vehicles with power from your battery storage solution and solar panels, ensuring your transportation is cost-efficient and emissions-free. From individual installations to full-fledged commercial solar panel installation, Aspecte is here to help you move toward a sustainable future with our tailored commercial solar solution. Collaborate with one of Norfolk, Suffolk & Cambridge’s most trusted solar panel companies and transition to clean renewable energy today!

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